BREAKING: President Biden’s Virus Conspiracy Exposed – Congress Takes Action…

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) said Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit” that President Joe Biden could have gone to Congress to get a vaccine mandate, and he could still do so now, but he knows it won’t pass.

“[T]here’s no reason why the administration didn’t go to Congress. Congress was in session,” Harris said. “Again, the Senate is in session now. The House will be in session next week. They could go to Congress and ask for that authority, but they know they won’t get it from Congress. Because it’s an inappropriate use of federal authority.”

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Friday about whether an injunction of Biden’s vaccine mandate should stand until the legality of the case could be decided.

If the court finds that the mandate is a federal overreach, as it surely is, it may spell the end for Biden’s attempts to force vaccination on the 20% or so of the American people still resisting it.

It was never appropriate for Biden to use OSHA to implement this mandate, and it seems pretty clear that he’s known it all along.

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