BREAKING: President Biden’s Coverup Just EXPLODED – Time To Wake Up…

Representative Buddy Carter (R-GA) recently visited the southern border and called on Americans to wake up as the “worst humanitarian crises in the world,” is happening right on the border with Mexico.

Representative Carter further called out the Biden administration for willfully “ignoring” what is happening on the southern border.

In the interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Representative Carter explained that he “was hoping that I would see improvements, but I didn’t see any improvement whatsoever. Still overcrowding. Still, the Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed. One of them described it as being like working with a bucket in front of a fire hydrant. Don’t send anymore buckets. Turn off the tap!”

The Biden administration has done nothing to turn off the tap and has even worked to open up more taps to further overwhelm overstretched border patrol resources.

Representative Carter continued saying, “As we all know, Joe Biden has never been to the border, not as a vice president, not as a senator, not as president. And he doesn’t understand. He hasn’t seen what I’ve seen and what others who have been down to the border have seen. And that is really one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world right now.”

The Biden administration has done everything in its power to cover up and ignore the situation, but that cannot continue. The crisis at the border is costing American taxpayers billions, and people are dying every day.

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