BREAKING: President Biden Removal Announcement Shocks Nation – It’s Happening…

Well, this REALLY shows just how STUPID Joe Biden and his administration are.

They want to remove MOST nicotine from cigarettes.

Their reasoning? Less nicotine, less addiction, right?


Smokers smoke for nicotine. They know the side effects, but lungfulls of tar aren’t their main goal when lighting up.

It’s getting the nicotine that they (think they) need.

So by reducing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, all you’re doing is making sure that these people need smoke breaks more often to get the amount of nicotine they’re used to requiring.

You’re also making smoking actually more accessible to youths, as many people will tell you that the sickness that comes after your first few cigarettes is enough to turn them off.

If there’s not enough nicotine in the smokes to get sick from, who’s to say even more kids will pick it up?

I understand what Joe Biden is trying to do here. He’s putting out the public message that smoking is unhealthy, which is fine.

But the way he’s going about it is one way to make sure smokers actually inhale more.

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