BREAKING: President Biden Nailed In International Security Scandal [Developing]

President Joe Biden not only has his own citizens feeling abandoned and doubting, he also has leadership in other countries questioning his leadership.

Republican Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida spoke out about a Russian newspaper claiming President Joe Biden was suffering from dementia.

“Waltz, pointing to multiple remarks made by Biden that had to be later walked back by the White House, warned that ‘gaffe after gaffe’ from the president could result in other nations questioning who was really running the country,” reports Breitbart News.

“We should all want our commander-in-chief to be successful, particularly in the middle of a crisis. His success is America’s success,” Waltz said.

“But, for example,” he continued, “when you are on the world stage [on] a foreign trip as a commander-in-chief, and you make gaffe after gaffe, when you intimate a policy change, for a regime change in Russia, when you hint that we will have troops on the ground in Ukraine, and when you basically say we will use chemical weapons in response to Russian use of chemical weapons, and then the White House has to walk all of that back, it leads the world, our adversaries and our allies, to question who is really in charge.”

“And if you can’t deviate from the talking points, who is writing them?”

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