BREAKING: President Biden Linked To Russian Scandal With Iran – Evidence Stuns Voters…

Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) argued on Mornings with Maria Monday that President Joe Biden should have put sanctions in place against Russia 14 months ago to avoid the Ukraine invasion and the need to negotiate with Iran to get more oil.

“The United States has the ability to go into Iran and impose and complete those sanctions that we’ve had in place for quite some time. This is the problem that we have that’s drawn us to this point in the Ukraine, and that is that sanctions were not put in place 14 months ago that could have helped us avoid this entire situation,” he said.

Rosendale argued that lifting sanctions on Iran will only help them fund activities like getting nuclear weapons and that we can’t trust them to keep their word.

“And right now, we’re talking about lifting the banking and the energy sanctions that we have on Iran, and that simply gives them the additional resources that they can go in there and cause conflict around the world and destabilize them, at least, by helping state-sponsored organizations like Hezbollah. I do not want to see that take place at all,” he said.

Of course, Biden could just open up U.S. production so we didn’t have to beg other countries, but he won’t because his handlers are slaves to climate change policy and won’t let him.

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