BREAKING: President Biden Gets Bum Rushed By Disguised Lunatic [Details Here]

Imagine being so incompetent that the Easter bunny has to drag you away to keep you from embarrassing yourself.

That’s what happened to creepy Joe Biden this Easter.

Biden was on the South Lawn of the White House for an Easter egg roll when he wandered off like your old grandpa and started talking to people.

“As the president started commenting on Afghanistan and Pakistan at an Easter egg event, a costumed staffer rushed up to him and started waving its hands to interrupt him,” reports Breitbart News.

“After the event, Megan Hays, a special assistant to the president and director of message planning, revealed on social media that she was wearing the costume,” reports Breitbart News.

At one point, the first lady instructed him to wave:

“At another point, the first lady told Biden to ‘stay’ when he tried to move out of his seat,” reports Breitbart.

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