BREAKING: President Biden Exposed In Sick Chinese Scandal – America Is DOOMED…

President Biden is refusing to take credit for the recent explosions in gas prices, inflation, and grocery store supply.

In the meantime, he’s doing all he can to make sure that these problems persist.

As Joe Biden makes it more and more difficult for companies to produce oil domestically, he then blames other parts of the world for our rising costs at the pump.

That’s not how it works, Joe.

It would seem as if he definitely has not learned his lesson though, as he’s recently been exposed in a conspiracy that would result in America becoming almost totally dependent on Chinese solar panels.

Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rob Portman sent a scathing letter to Biden calling him out for yet another blunder:

Already the United States is over-reliant on China for solar power. Currently, 80 percent of our solar panels come from China or Chinese companies, and this reliance is not market-based. China has used a variety of anti-free market practices, such as industrial subsidies, to come to dominate the solar sector. This is why the United States imposed anti-dumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) orders on unfairly traded solar panel imports from China as early as 2012. It is also why the Department of Commerce is actively investigating circumvention of those AD/CVD orders by solar panel producers and exporters in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The unprecedented and sweeping tariff moratorium prioritizes foreign solar panels over those made in the United States. We cannot afford to trade dependence on Russian energy for that of Chinese solar panels. It is counter to the national interest to rely on our adversaries for our energy needs.

The tariff moratorium also rewards unfair trade practices which costs U.S. jobs. Fundamentally, the ongoing anti-circumvention investigation is about upholding U.S. law. The Department of Commerce is engaged in a serious, quasi-judicial process to determine whether U.S. law has been violated. To disfigure that process as the result of outside political pressure and climate activism signals to China that our laws are malleable for the right price. The fact that it was considered necessary to preempt the results of the Commerce investigation — which may reach a preliminary determination as soon as August 30, 2022 — suggests that the facts of this investigation favor the domestic solar manufacturing industry and not the Chinese companies alleged to have circumvented U.S. law. Our duty is to workers making products in America. A giveaway like this only serves to undermine jobs here in the United States while giving a pass to those using forced Uyghur labor to make these products.”

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