BREAKING: President Biden Diagnosis Spells The End – Congress Planning For…

Another United States senator is fed up with President Joe Biden, and he’s speaking out about it.

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida has said that President Biden has “failed at practically every aspect of his job.”

“Rick Scott, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, renewed his call for ‘substantive fiscal reforms’ and concluded that President Biden has ‘failed at practically every aspect of his job’ in light of the Department of Labor’s latest Consumer Price Index report, showing staggering increases across the board,” reports Breitbart News.

Consumer price index rose 0.8 percent over the last month, reflecting a 7.9 percent increase over the past year– a “four-decade record high,” according to the Department of Labor.

“Joe Biden’s been in office a little over a year and has failed at practically every aspect of his job. The border is broken. Our national security is at risk. Gas prices are the highest they have ever been and prices on everything from food to cars are skyrocketing to generational highs,” Scott said.

“What’s Biden and the Democrats’ answer? A $1.5 TRILLION spending bill that doesn’t balance the budget, doesn’t reduce the debt, hasn’t been scored by the Congressional Budget Office and we have NO IDEA what impact it will have on inflation,” Scott continued.

“Reckless government spending causes inflation, and America’s hardest working and poorest families, like mine growing up, cannot afford nearly three more years of radical policy and harmful ignorance from this president. Americans deserve better,” Scott added.

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