BREAKING: President Biden Declared GUILTY – Innocent Children Were…

The Wall Street Journal shocked the nation by laying the blame for the infant formula shortage at the feet of President Joe Biden and his administration in an editorial commentary published on Thursday.

While much of the mainstream media has been covering for the Biden administration, the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal had no intentions of playing politics.

An excerpt from the commentary read, “Mr. Biden says the law will let his Administration prioritize raw ingredients for baby formula. He also plans to send government planes to fly in supply from overseas. But there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of formula ingredients. Nor is there a problem transporting it. The main barriers to increasing supply are regulatory.”

President Biden has chosen to utilize the Defense Production Act to address the crisis, but so far, he has failed to acknowledge the underlying issues that led to the crisis in the first place.

Worse yet, the President has refused to take responsibility for the crisis, nor has he apologized for downplaying the crisis for the past few weeks.

American families are struggling to feed their infants, and President Biden is failing to act properly. When the midterm elections are concluded, Republicans would be wise to launch an investigation into exactly how Biden left American children hanging.

Read the full story here.

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