BREAKING: Prayer BANNED – Mourners In Shocks Over New Law

A crematorium employee in Wales scolded mourners for reciting the Lord’s Prayer during a memorial service because it violated the nation’s no chanting or singing coronavirus restriction.

“When I started reciting it, mourners stood up and joined in,” minister Alison Davies said. “The family were only mumbling it quietly and were all socially distanced and wearing masks.”

Another British crematorium employee scolded a man for comforting his grieving mother by moving his chair close to hers, even though the two rode together to the funeral and weren’t social distancing.

Schoolchildren in some schools were also banned from singing “Happy Birthday” to each other, although this was a school rule, not a government-wide one.

This is what happens when the government has too much power over people’s lives. There are more important things than staying six feet apart and wearing masks, especially during a time of loss or celebration.

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