BREAKING: Pompeo Says He’s DONE – White House Stunned

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just made the announcement — he is done and the White House is completely stunned. No one expected this to happen.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Pompeo said that U.S. forces could be withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2021 if some specific benchmarks are met. “The conditionality is really three-fold,” said Pompeo.

The Afghan government, along with the Taliban, must agree to sever any and all potential ties with “foreign terrorist groups — primarily al-Qaeda,” explained Pompeo. And that’s not all.

Conversations to accomplish this goal must be “substantive” and, lastly, those involved must “have a responsibility as part of that to ensure that outside actors don’t act as spoilers for this,” he continued.

Ultimately, Pompeo wants to guarantee — as much as possible — that all of the progress made in Afghanistan following the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, is not reversed.

After all, when a power vacuum is created, it is always filled. The only question is what power will fill it. But if talks continue as planned, the Trump administration will have successfully led the U.S. out of Afghanistan.

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