BREAKING: Politicians Busted In Sick Child Experiments – Disgusting…

Host of the HBO show “Real Time” Bill Maher said America is literally experimenting on children with gender transition trials.

Bill Maher argued that the solution in the debate over gender transitioning for children “can’t always be that anyone from a marginalized community is automatically right.”

Maher continued, adding “because we’re literally experimenting on children. And “weighing trade-offs is not bigotry.”

He continued, “If we can’t admit that, in certain enclaves, there is some level of trendiness to the idea of being anything other than straight, then this is not a serious, science-based discussion, it’s a blow being struck in the culture wars using children as cannon fodder.”

“If something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate, we have to at least discuss it. Broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation,” Maher said.

“According to a recent Gallup poll, less than 1% of Americans born before 1946 — that’s Joe Biden’s generation — identify that way, 2.6% of Boomers do, 4.2% of Gen X, 10.5% of Millennials, and 20.8% of Gen Z. Which means if we follow this trajectory, we will all be gay in 2054. … I’m just saying that when things change this much, this fast, people are allowed to ask, what’s up with that?” Maher said.

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