BREAKING: Police Take Maxine Waters Down – She’s Finished

Detroit Police Chief James Craig just blasted Maxine Waters over her recent comments.

“What I say is, in our majority African American community here in Detroit, the majority support the men and women who serve every single day, they support us,” said Chief Craig in response to Maxine Waters and Rasheida Tlaib’s anti-police rhetoric. “And I think I can honestly say that for a lot of the communities of color and other places who rely on us to do an effective job.”

Craig made it clear he is not excusing police officers who are violently operate outside the bounds of the law:

Now, I’m not supporting bad policing, not at all. We should hold bad police officers accountable. But when you have people in seats of influencing, you notice, Liz, I didn’t say seats of leadership. Because I cannot attach leadership to individuals like Waters or Tlaib, that’s not leadership. Leadership is coming up with reasonable solutions, not knee-jerk reactions. And let’s face it, Liz, we know this is really all about self-serving. This is self-serving, and they are catering to a fringe group, and it’s shameful. It’s shameful for the people who live in these cities, who rely on policing every single day.

Chief Craig concluded his remarks by saying Waters should be censured or removed.

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11 Responses

  1. Detroit Police Chief James Craig is exactly correct. He is brave to stand up to the evil that is BLM, ANTIFA, Pelosi, Biden and Waters. He is brave for standing up for the honest people of Detroit. He is brave for standing up to the thugs and gangs in Detroit.

    Detroit Police Chief James Craig thank you for representing all of us who just want to get along and go about our lives.

    P.S. I still hate speeding tickets!!!!

  2. Both waters and tlaib should be censured AND removed and never allowed to hold another government office, of any kind.

  3. It is a pipe dream if you think Maxine Waters will be censured because her likewise Democrats will not even consider it. The fact is there are a bunch of them in Congress who are as bad as her with their comments. Never mind her comments were clearly an incitement to riot and destroy property and she needs to be held accountable. If Congress won’t do it, then the citizens should file a request she be arrested for her actions.

  4. There are very few if any people in congress that are any lower than waters or talaib, aoc or that other moron in the mob. They need to be run out of office and run out of the country

  5. Ugly Maxine should be prosecuted for inciting riots. All she has ever done was to bad mouth Cops and White People. What Country does this fool thing she is living in? Not the Country she would like to make into.

    1. Not only did Mad Max try to incite riots in Minnesota. But I believe that there’s a new federal law on the books, which states people who cross state lines to incite violence and riots. Will be prosecuted, so let’s see if the FBI has any balls to arrest and prosecute this dredge to society?

  6. 100% agree with Chief James Craig, these 2 need to be censured, but I believe they should be removed, they are both radical extremist that do not belong in are free country. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE CHIEF CRAIG.

  7. I can’t believe that there aren’t any Democrats in Congress that have the backbone to stand up against what is happening to our Country. They must know that their party is lying and race baiting and trying to commit crimes that are illegal. I know they were good people when they were elected. What has happened to them?

  8. Why hasn’t charges been file locally it the state crime committed she traveled to the state in question state needs to file charges on her and she needs to be taken down or at least make her life miserable she tried to incite riot not once but twice it is time take a stand both real patriots on both sides

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