BREAKING: Police Get Massive Victory – Dems Are Furious

Georgia Sen. Lori Loeffler (R) introduced a bill Monday that would see federal highway funding withheld from states and local governments that tried to “defund” their police departments.

Governments would have to show a clear budgetary need in order to reduce funding, and would be subject to a five percent reduction in highway funding if the reduced police budgets arbitrarily.

Under the “Protecting Public Safety and Supporting Law Enforcement” Act, states would have to withhold funding from local governments that reduced funding.

While the spirit behind the law is admirable, I don’t think adding layers of federal regulations to what states and local governments do is a very Republican action.

The results of defunding police departments will be reason enough for cities unfortunate enough to adopt them to reverse the policy quickly before crime rates become astronomical and all the previous problems are compounded.

Read the full story here.

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