BREAKING: Police Get Defunded – Top Dem Removes Millions From…

The police just got defunded. A high-ranking Democrat has removed millions from their budget is a stunning, politically-motivated move to satisfy the anti-cop bloodlust of far-left Marxists and anarchists. People are now bracing for a major hit to public safety.

“Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-155 on Wednesday, which cut $115.07 million from the Michigan State Police budget,” reported Breitbart News this week. Her move comes after reports that she is back on Joe Biden’s list as a possible running mate.

Radio host Steve Gruber noted that the money has been “replaced BUT ONLY until October 1 by CARES money from Washington.” Translation: Michigan’s police will be facing a major shortfall in its budget in less than three months. This is sickening.

But it also shouldn’t surprise anyone. Whitmer’s mismanagement of Michigan has become infamous during the COVID-19 crisis and the rioting. She has attempted to appear like a centrist, but her unconstitutional orders and kowtowing to violence have told another story entirely.

Yet, somehow, Whitmer is back on Biden’s shortlist for a running mate after earlier reports that she was no longer being considered. Americans should see this as another sign that the Democratic Party intends to further radicalize and become the anti-police party permanently.

Michiganders will make their voice heard in November and repudiate Whither’s radicalism by helping to re-elect President Donald Trump and put Biden’s White House ambitions on ice. You can count on it.

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