BREAKING: Police Get DEFUNDED – Major City Pulls Money From…

The police were just defunded. A major U.S. city has pulled money from an alarming place, and there could be no turning back now. This is a devastating move that will have a negative effect on safety for generations.

“The Seattle City Council overrode Mayor Jenny Durkan’s veto Tuesday evening and forced through budget cuts that activists say are a ‘down payment’ on an effort to defund the police in the city by 50%,” reported Breitbart News.

According to the report, it was determined that the entire 50% cut couldn’t be made in a single year, so the council has chosen to start with taking the money directly from the city’s police — by firing 100 officers in a cruel, hateful decision.

It is worth noting, again, that Mayor Durkan vetoed this plan, but she has also spent months coddling the violent rioters and anarchists in the streets. She also refused federal assistance from President Donald Trump.

Now, one of America’s greatest cities is in danger from a weak mayor and a radicalized city council listening to the demands of BLM and Antifa. It is a dark time in Seattle — and people can be expected to vote with their feet quickly.

A mass exodus will begin in Seattle just like it has in New York City, with people moving to cities in the midwest and south that are operated better, have a lower cost of living, and believe that the police are a valuable part of public safety.

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