BREAKING: Photo Catches Jill Biden In The Act – Nation Stunned…

First Lady Jill Biden used an airplane delivery of 100,000 pounds of baby formula as a photo-op on Wednesday, even though store shelves are still empty and the delivery only provides a small fraction of the country’s daily needs.

“I’ve always said that food is love, but food is life too,” the First Lady said during an appearance with U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

The Department of Defense flew the formula from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to the Dulles airport near Washington, DC.

Biden invoked the Defense Production Act last week as a way to use U.S. resources to acquire more formula and raw materials to make it as a major baby formula factory slowly gets back online after being shut down by Biden’s FDA for four months.

“I am here today to say to parents: You aren’t alone,” she said. “At the highest levels of Joe’s administration, he and his team understand what you are going through.”

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