BREAKING: Pentagon Leak CAUGHT – Biden Team Busted

A Republican Senator from Tennessee is calling out a shocking name for being a potential leak of classified Pentagon information.

“The nomination of former Obama National Security official Colin Kahl for a top position in the Biden Pentagon may have hit another snag, as Sen. Bill Hagerty expressed concern that Kahl may have leaked classified information on Twitter,” reports Breitbart News.

Hagerty laid out a compelling case:

The substance, meeting agendas, and schedules of the National Security Council (NSC), NSC Principals Committee, and NSC Deputies Committee are typically considered to be so sensitive that the NSC Executive Secretary classifies them, distributes them by courier or via classified network to only a limited group of interagency offices, and classifies the summaries of meeting proceedings. Some of the information that Kahl appears to have publicly disclosed is of a category to which even Senators and Senate staff with the highest security clearances are almost always denied.

But Hagerty didn’t stop there. “Kahl was effectively revealing to America’s adversaries details of Presidential decision-making and prioritization in national security affairs. This is knowledge of a kind that foreign intelligence services likely expend great resources to acquire, including through espionage,” said Hagerty.

To read more about this shocking development, click here.

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9 Responses

  1. Biden and his cronies have done enough damage to date !!! The longer we put up with him and his administration the worse off the United States becomes !!! What has happened to this great nation – it’s now going down by leaps and bounds !!! Americans had better get it together and impeach this loser and his administration before they create more turmoil !!!

  2. if you get rid of Biden you get Harris. and either Pelosi or Schumer gets to move up to v p harris is no good and after that we will screwed anyway

  3. I say the whole bunch of them need to be impeached. But that won’t happen because the Republican leaders have no guts. I am a Republican, but we need to clean house as much as the Dems do.

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