BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election Update Has Donald Trump Smiling

President Trump’s legal case to reverse the results of the presidential election got a win in Pennsylvania as despite being rejected by an appeals court, the Trump campaign has opened a path to the Supreme Court.

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said, “In essence, we accomplished the purpose of that case. [The Supreme Court] can now take a look at it.”

President Trump’s legal team knows that state-level courts in Pennsylvania will never give them their day in court. All that matters is pushing the case to the Supreme Court.

With Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf pushing to certify the election for Democrat Joe Biden, time is running out for President Trump and his legal team to prove their case.

Luckily for President Trump, a Pennsylvania court has put a stay on certifying the election until a hearing is held to deal with any irregularities in the election.

While the legal battle continues, the media treatment of Giuliani and President Trump’s legal team has been notably absent. The media has done their best to keep Trump’s legal battle under wraps in an effort to discredit it.

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