BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election REVERSAL – White House STUNNED

The news just dropped about an election ‘reversal’ in Pennsylvania and the White House is stunned. President Donald Trump can’t believe it.

“A bipartisan, bicameral legislative service agency on Monday, in a rare move, rejected a request from the House of Representatives to conduct a statistical-level review of the conduct of 2020 general election,” according to

Rep. Jesse Topper, a Republican from Bedford County, sponsored the resolution requesting an audit of the election results and it passed the Pennsylvania House by a vote of 112-90. However, the order was subsequently rejected.

“The Legislative Budget & Finance Committee officers voted 2-1 against performing the ‘risk-limiting’ audit,” which is typically unheard of — especially since the resolution passed on the floor.

This means the Trump campaign’s request for an audit in Pennsylvania will likely go unheeded, even after a Republican lawmaker went through the legislative process to get one accomplished. It is outrageous.

It appears Gov. Tom Wolf (D) applied pressure to defeat the request. He claimed in a statement that the committee “has no expertise or role in election administration and no statutory authority outside the fiscal realm.”

Read the full story here.

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