BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election REVERSAL – Bombshell Voting News Stuns Nation

The news just dropped about a stunning election ‘reversal’ in Pennsylvania. Bombshell voting news has completely shocked the nation — there could be lawsuits coming soon.

“Election Day kicked off with a bout of chaos in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with poll watchers reportedly denied access,” reported Breitbart News, despite the fact that they are supposed to allow poll watchers to observe the process.

This is a massive reversal in how elections are supposed to function and it needs to be called out. “DEMOCRAT ELECTION OFFICIALS BANNING TRUMP POLL WATCHERS IN PHILLY,” tweeted Trump campaign advisor Mike Roman.

“This is happening all over the City,” he continued, referring to Philadelphia. “The steal is on!” Roman included a video of a Republican poll watcher being denied access to the polling site, even though he allegedly had the proper documentation.

As votes continue to be counted in Pennsylvania with Trump’s lead narrowing, it is vital that people demand accountability and transparency in the process. It is possible that Trump may still lose, but any actual fraudulent activity must be corrected.

The entire issue surrounding vote-counting in the state could be ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, however. Our nation’s highest court has ordered Pennsylvania Democrats to respond by Thursday evening” and the details are stunning.

Read the full story here.

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