BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election Bombshell Stuns GOP – Voters Shocked…

Democrats are expected to play dirty, as usual.

“Sean Parnell forewarned that Democrats would aggressively dig for information to use to attack whoever wins Tuesday’s Republican Senate primary in the battleground state of Pennsylvania,” reports Breitbart.

“Parnell, a former Senate candidate who is backing businessman David McCormick in the primary, said McCormick would be the GOP candidate most able to withstand those forthcoming attacks in a general election race that could very well decide which party holds the Senate majority next year,” according to Breitbart News.

McCormick “is by far the most qualified candidate. He’s eminently qualified,” said Parnell.

“If you’re now a contender for the most important Senate seat in the country — legitimately, the balance of power in the Senate this cycle passes right through the heart of Pennsylvania — and what a lot of Republicans don’t perhaps think about enough … Republicans focus on campaigning. Democrats focus on elections, and I think the radical left is far better at looking at the big picture than maybe some Republicans, than Republicans are,” Parnell added.

“And what I mean by that,” Parnell continued, “is that the Democrats see Pennsylvania as the bellwether for the entire country for the presidency in ’24, so they know going into this race, right, that whatever party wins this race in ’22 makes it far more likely for that party to win in ’24. So that’s why you’re seeing this race as just a no holds barred, like bare knuckle fight, like look at what happened to me with my custody trial and all of that stuff. They are out. Democrats are as cutthroat as humanly possible.”

Parnell concluded with his full throated endorsement of McCormick.

“Dave is the guy that’s constant, has been consistent in all of his positions. He’s a combat veteran. He’s a business leader. He understands what it means to live the American dream. In this state, if you live in Pennsylvania, you need to rally around this man and help us sprint to the finish,” Parnell said.

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