BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election Bombshell – Nation Shocked

A bombshell just dropped about the election in Pennsylvania and the nation is shocked. Millions of people across the country can’t believe it.

Contrary to the mainstream media’s claims, the Trump campaign is not giving up on Pennsylvania. The campaign has reportedly “filed an amended complaint” in its lawsuit “against Pennsylvania’s secretary of state Kathy Boockvar.”

Boockvar wants the entire lawsuit dismissed, however, the Trump campaign argues that since it has amended the original complaint, the “motions to dismiss … are now moot.” But that is not all the complaint alleges.

Central to the campaign’s argument is that voters in Republican-leaning counties were treated differently than voters in Democrat-leaning counties on the ability to “cure” one’s absentee or mail-in ballot.

Curing is the process by which an improperly completed ballot is allowed to be fixed by the voter before it is counted. According to the campaign, in this scenario, ballots from Democrat-leaning counties were cured and counted.

Secondly, according to the campaign, “Boockvar and the boards of elections … created a process for curing mail-in ballots when the power to do so lied with the Keystone State’s legislature.” The Supreme Court will likely have to step in.

Read the full story here.

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