BREAKING: Pennsylvania Count REVERSAL – Democrats Are Reeling

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday ordered election officials in Pennsylvania to separate mail-in ballots received after Election Day from other ballots in seeming preparation to hear a case about whether to exclude those ballots from vote counts.

The Pennsylvania Republican party asked for the emergency order after at least 25 of its 67 counties refused to confirm that they were separating the ballots and keeping late ballots secure.

Experts have said that it was unconstitutional to extend the deadline for mail-in ballots because it was done by a court in the state rather than by the legislature as is decreed in the Constitution.

It is possible that the Supreme Court will rule that the extension was not constitutional and exclude those late ballots, if they have been separated. Reports are that some precincts did not separate the ballots because of confusing directives from the secretary of state.

In that case, another remedy will have to be found.

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