BREAKING: Pennsylvania BOMBSHELL For Trump – Republicans Thrilled

A Sunday Washington Post article reported by Breitbart says that Democrats are becoming anxious about whether they can win Pennsylvania after a late surge for President Donald Trump in the state.

Officials in the state have noted a surge in white, rural voters for Trump and concerns that Biden will ban fracking and cripple the oil industry in the state. Recent riots in Philly could also undercut Democrats votes there and around the state as voters worry about law and order close to home.

In addition, Democrats worry there will be problems with mail-in votes in the state, which generally skew Democratic. Democrat turnout so far has not met established thresholds, and legal challenges may be able to get some votes thrown out that would have been allowed under current laws and court rulings.

“I am absolutely convinced that we have a lot of enthusiasm, too, on our side,” Lt. Governor John Fetterman (D) told the Post after saying that Trump’s rallies and fracking commercials are “juicing” Trump’s base. “But there’s a lot of factors you can’t extrapolate into a poll that are absolutely significantly in play in Pennsylvania.”

The entire election could hinge on Pennsylvania, and if it does, I hope the state is ready.

Read the full story here.


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