BREAKING: Pence Tells All – Reveals Trump Behind Closed Doors

Vice President Mike Pence just revealed it all. He spoke openly about what President Trump is like behind closed doors, and Americans are taking notice.

“Trump has made it a practice to open every cabinet meeting with prayer,” remarked Pence at the National Prayer Breakfast this week. This is a far cry from how the media has tried to paint Trump.

If you listen to the likes of CNN and MSNBC, the president is nothing but a cold, unfeeling, self-interested person who only seeks to serve himself — but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

That Trump would make a priority to start each cabinet meeting by seeking God’s will and guidance through prayer is further evidence of his character and leadership.

In the end, Democrats and the mainstream media simply don’t like Trump’s aggressive, straightforward personality — and they especially abhor how he exposes them at every turn.

But while liberals seek only to obstruct, Trump is focused on what matters. “In America, we don’t punish prayer,” he said during his State of the Union address. Now that’s a president worth supporting.

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