BREAKING: Pence Stuns The Senate – BIG Impeachment Decision

Vice President Mike Pence wrote in a Wall Street Journal piece that it would be a “profile in courage” for a Senate Democrat to vote against convicting President Donald Trump on the two articles of impeachment the House passed against him in December and sent to the Senate just this week.

“The question naturally arises: Who, among the Senate Democrats, will stand up to the passions of their party this time? Who will stand up against ‘legislative mob rule’ and for the rule of law? Who will be the 2020 Profile in Courage?” Pence wrote in the piece.

Pence referred to the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s nominations for a “profile in courage” award and noted that Kennedy had once praised Sen. Edmund G. Ross of Kansas for voting against his party’s impeachment of Andrew Jackson in 1868.

Ross was the deciding vote in the impeachment trial and was subjected to every form of pressure possible, including “social ostracism and physical assault,” but he voted his conscience and the impeachment failed.

Years later, the view of Ross changed and he was seen as a protector of the people and as having the courage to stand up to a bad law that was later repealed. Pence is looking to Democrats for similar courage, but will he find any?

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