BREAKING: Pence Steps Away – Doesn’t Believes In…

Vice President Mike Pence said to Breitbart News on Monday that he believes polling is “broken” in America.

“I didn’t believe the polls in 2016, and I don’t believe the polls in 2020,” Pence said as he returned from a campaign trip to Wisconsin.

A recent ABC/Washington Post poll showed President Donald Trump trailing challenger Joe Biden by 10 points, and swing state polls also show Trump with a deficit.

“I think there is greater enthusiasm today than there was four years ago,” he said. “And I really believe it’s because who he is, what he’s done, and what he’s been willing to endure. He’s never stopped fighting.”

With Biden still hiding in his basement and displaying obvious symptoms of dementia when he does come out, it really should not be too difficult for Trump to win in November, no matter what the polls say.

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