BREAKING: Pence ADMITS It – White House Stunned

Vice President Mike Pence just admitted it to the cameras. The White House is stunned, but Pence isn’t messing around — he is completely serious. He made it clear where he stood on this controversial issue.

“I believe the decision by the Justice Department lays bare what was clearly prosecutorial abuse, and for my part, I’d be happy to see Michael Flynn again,” said Pence, responding to a question about Flynn rejoining the administration.

During an Axios on HBO interview, reporter Mike Allen mentioned that President Donald Trump recently talked about bringing Flynn back. “Is that fine with you?” asked Allen, potentially trying to bait Pence.

But not only did Pence say that he’d welcome Flynn back to the administration, he called the retired lieutenant general “an American patriot” who “served this country with great distinction in uniform.”

One can probably imagine how Pence’s answer was received by the liberals at HBO, but he isn’t interested in pleasing Hollywood or the mainstream media — fighting for America is his only priority.

After the Democrats dragged Flynn through the mud, practically destroying his name and career, it would certainly be sweet justice to see him serving in the Trump administration once again. He is a good man.

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