BREAKING: Pelosi TREASON Announcement – Removal Imminent

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is in big trouble. A treason announcement just dropped and removal is imminent — millions of Americans across the nation are completely stunned.

“These Confederates — Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, they committed treason against the United States in the name of slavery,” said Pelosi, expressing support for taking down some monuments.

Speaking with the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, however, Pelosi contradicted herself by saying that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s monuments should stay, even though they owned slaves.

“Are you talking about the patriarch of our country George Washington, the author of our Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson?” she asked. “No. I don’t think they should come down.”

Her reason is that doing so would “undermine what they did for our country,” so we shouldn’t focus on their mistakes — we should highlight their many contributions to America.

Confederate leaders don’t deserve the same kind of consideration. But isn’t the Confederacy — even with its obvious flaws — just as much a part of American history as the founding era?

Read the full story here.

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