BREAKING: Pelosi SURRENDERS – Shock Defeat Notice

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just surrendered. She issued a notice to her Democrat colleagues and admitted defeat. This is shocking.

Pelosi’s letter to House Democrats reveals her intention to introduce a resolution that “would amount to an effective surrender” to Iran by condemning President Trump’s actions.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak, who holds a law degree from Harvard, skewered Pelosi’s letter and the proposed House resolution, which will also have a mirror piece filed by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) in the Senate.

Because the resolution “will declare the president’s action illegal under international law” and, by extension, essentially “surrender in the potential conflict,” Pelosi is giving in to an enemy.

Her legal claims are also dubious. She wants people to believe that Trump needed congressional authority for this particular strike, but even liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz disagrees.

“The president has the constitutional authority to take military actions, short of declaring war, that he and his advisers deem necessary to protect American citizens,” wrote Dershowitz in an op-ed.

Read the full story here.

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