BREAKING: Pelosi SNAPS – She’s Losing It

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just publicly snapped. She has lost her grip on reality and her constituents should demand a replacement. She is no longer fit to serve.

“He makes a big fuss about my having ice cream in my freezer,” said Pelosi on MSNBC, referring to Trump. “I have ice cream in my freezer. I guess that’s better than having Lysol in somebody’s lungs, as he’s suggesting.”

Either Pelosi seriously believes this ridiculous narrative, which would make her senile — or she’s deliberately lying to push the narrative. Regardless, it is obvious that she has spent far too much time in Congress.

To recap: Trump has rightly criticized Pelosi over a recent interview in which she showed off an expensive freezer full of ice cream at her home. During a time when Americans are hurting, this was a terribly elitist thing to do.

In order to deflect for her tone-deaf display, Pelosi is now claiming that Trump said people should spray Lysol in their lungs to fight COVID-19. Contextually, he never suggested anything like that.

In fact, even PolitiFact recently pointed out, “The briefing transcript shows that Trump did not say people should inject themselves with bleach or alcohol to treat the coronavirus.”

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