BREAKING: Pelosi SHELLSHOCKED… Major Announcement

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is shellshocked. She was just blindsided by a major announcement, and now she’s backed into a corner. This is the end.

Rep. Brandley Byrne (R-AL) publicly commented on the possibility of Pelosi adding a third document to the articles of impeachment. “Who would take her seriously?” he asked.

Byrne delivered his pointed remarks on a radio called ‘The Jeff Poor Show,’ which airs in Huntsville, Alabama. And he couldn’t be more right — Pelosi can push the issue, but her credibility is on the line.

“I’m hearing some buzz about it, but it is kind of hard to take them seriously at this point,” said Byrne during the interview. He also criticized Pelosi for holding onto the articles that have already passed.

“And then we go for almost three weeks now — she hasn’t bothered to send them over to the Senate,” he said, while also making it clear that the “hardcore Democratic base” would be her only support.

Byrne even went beyond the impeachment hysterics, which aren’t helping Democrats one bit, to their trouble finding a presidential nominee. The anti-Trump party is in terrible shape.

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