Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a nasty surprise over the last few weeks. In short, impeachment is failing badly and it’s damaging the Democratic party.

Voters in the battleground state of Wisconsin aren’t being moved by impeachment. Supporters of President Trump are sticking with the President, and opponents find the whole situation overwhelming.

Nicole Morrison, a 36-year-old nurse who opposes Trump’s reelection, said, “There’s so much information that sometimes it’s hard to decide which is the truth and which is just rumors. So I just don’t pay attention to it.”

Democrats had been relying on public opinion to create pressure and propel them to victory, but that hope is gone.

If anything, they are damaging their own base, and even those who oppose Trump no longer have the energy to invest. An unmotivated voter base in 2020 could be a deathblow for Democrats.

Democrats have overplayed their hand badly. They promised evidence that would lead to Trump’s impeachment, but when the hearings went public they had nothing. Impeachment has failed in a spectacular fashion and it could shift the political landscape for decades.

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