BREAKING: Pelosi Rumors Are TRUE – She’s Finished

The rumors about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are true. If she tries to pull another political stunt, she is completely finished — and a top Republican is already expecting it to happen.

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) warned that Democrats “may concoct a new hoax” against President Trump, but he’s “not sure the American people will believe it” now.

Nunes was responding to recent comments from Pelosi, in which she said that “we’ll make a judgment at that time” about any additional cases that come up. This means she’s leaving the proverbial door open.

Nunes suspected that Democrats may start with former national security advisor John Bolton — a high-profile figure they wanted the Senate to subpoena during the trial portion of the impeachment farce.

Of course, the House, while conducting its impeachment inquiry, never subpoenaed Bolton even though they had the power to do so — leading many to believe the move was politically calculated.

Ultimately, Democrats want to draw out their obstruction as long as possible. “I’d say that old habits die hard,” Nune said. “I’m not sure that they actually know how to do anything else.”

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