BREAKING: Pelosi Retirement Announcement Shocks Nation [Details Coming In]

The departure of two top staff members from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) office this week has led to fresh speculation that she may retire in 2022 rather than face the prospect of being in the minority if Republicans retake the House majority as expected.

Pelosi’s Press Assistant, Riley Lopez, will take a new, less relevant position in the Senate, while her former deputy communications director Robyn Patterson will go to the Commerce Department.

The departures led National Republican Congressional Committee’s deputy communications director Mike Berg to declare the Speaker under “retirement watch.”

Pelosi has refused to say whether she’ll run again in 2022.

Her daughter has expressed interest in running for the seat if her mother retires.

Read the full story here.

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  3. That’s all we need is another “legacy” seat given to someone who has no business being in Congress, but wins the seat on name recognition alone! No more Pelosi’s in the HOUSE!!!

    1. It could happen because the smart ones are moving out of that State because of the high cost of living, taxes and squalid conditions in several cities. Now that the Biden Administration has managed to make Liberals lives miserable, there is hope they will wake up and vote them all out of office.

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