BREAKING: Pelosi LOSES It – She’s Finished

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is being attacked for her comments on rioters destroying statues. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) ripped into Pelosi for failing to condemn rioters who tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Baltimore.

Governor Hogan tweeted on Thursday that,

Hogan also said, “It’s disappointing that Speaker Pelosi has lost touch with the Baltimore community that her family served.  Our state and our nation need room for more constructive dialogue, not destruction. We will not let mobs ‘do what they do.’ They do not represent Baltimore.”

Nancy Pelosi has a responsibility to condemn lawlessness as she is the third person in the line of succession to the President, but she, along with the rest of the radical Democrats, won’t condemn or even criticize the destructive acts of the mob.

Pelosi’s stance on statues has been clear, she is in favor of removing statues of confederate figures. But she still must condemn those who break the law in taking those statues down.

The fact that she couldn’t condemn the destruction of a statue of Christopher Columbus, who is not a confederate figure, speaks volumes to the views of the House majority Speaker.

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