BREAKING: Pelosi Is Finished – Nation Shocked

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is completely finished and the nation is shocked. Her political career could be over now — she can’t escape this scandal.

“If she’s in there comfortably, without a mask, and feeling safe, then why are we shut down?” asked salon owner Erica Kious, referring to Pelosi’s recent visit to her business in San Francisco. This debacle may have done in Pelosi for good.

Speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Kious even responded to the allegation from Pelosi that the entire thing was a “set up” against the politician. Kious said that Pelosi’s assistant “made the appointment” with a stylist.

“So, the appointment was already booked,” she continued. “So, there was no way I could’ve set that up.” Kious also noted that she has had a camera system “for five years,” it wasn’t put in her salon to intentionally catch Pelosi unguarded.

It is Pelosi who needs to fess up to her mistake and hypocrisy. She has repeatedly virtue-signaled about wearing masks, but she didn’t even bother to wear one herself when she didn’t think anyone was looking. She also continues to support lockdowns.

But if Pelosi can go get a haircut, why can’t the other citizens of San Francisco? Why are businesses like salons still severely restricted to the public? It is time for career politicians like Pelosi to stop playing games with the American people.

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