BREAKING: Pelosi Humiliated – Secret Shocks Nation

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was just completely humiliated in public. Her secret has shocked the nation — millions of people know all about her now. This is a stunning revelation.

“The HEROES Act isn’t a serious proposal,” wrote the Las Vegas Review-Journal an editorial about the COVID-19 relief bill being pushed by Pelosi and other Democrat politicians. “It’s a laundry list of liberal goals and pet projects.”

The editorial noted the staggering price tag associated with the HEROES Act: $3 trillion. Since the “federal government is projected to collect $3.7 trillion in taxes this fiscal year,” it is an irresponsible, budget-busting proposal.

But it gets even worse when you look at the policy particulars. For starters, the bill ironically includes a tax cut for wealthy individuals “who live in blue states” — and that isn’t even the most expensive part of this train wreck.

The HEROES Act “includes $1 trillion to help state and local governments, which are no doubt struggling mightily because of cratering tax revenues,” but this ultimately constitutes a bailout for poor budgetary management.

States with conservative budgeting have had to tighten their belts, but they have faired much better. One could easily argue that this is nothing more than Democrats trying to make states even more dependent on the feds.

Read the full story here.

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