BREAKING: Pelosi Gets Shut Down Notice – Congress Shocked

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just received and shut down notice. Congress is completely shocked and waiting for Pelosi to make her next move. This is a stunning turn of events.

“Shut the government down, so they do not have the funds to try to ram through this person they want to get on the Supreme Court before Trump’s gone,” demanded leftist filmmaker Michael Moore, addressing Pelosi on his podcast.

“Just take the money out of the system that runs the halls of Congress,” Moore continued. In his typical, histrionic fashion, he also said that President Trump and the Senate confirming a nominee would constitute “another one of their crimes.”

But he did not stop there. In fact, he openly condoned more protesting, and we all know what leftist ‘protesting’ often becomes — an excuse to riot. Moore could even be putting Republican U.S. senators and their staff in imminent danger.

He said that “we need to be out in the streets” and “in front of the local offices in your states, where the U.S. senators have their local offices.” There is a high likelihood that this could become an ‘occupation’ kind of scenario nationwide.

Americans should brace themselves for a tumultuous handful of weeks as leftists make a last-ditch effort to bully, intimidate, and create chaos. Then, whether it be in-person or by absentee ballot, give Trump a landslide victory on November 3.

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