BREAKING: Pelosi Gets Bad News – GOP Releases Bombshell

House Republicans are targeting 47 Democrat districts they consider vulnerable to being flipped in an effort to retake the majority in 2022.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) laid out its plans in a memo that also praised GOP “pickups” in several swing districts in 2020. After the 2020 gains, House Republicans only need to pick up another five seats to win the majority.

“Since WWII, the president’s party has lost an average of 27 House seats in midterm elections,” NRCC executive director John Billings wrote. “With full control of the federal government, House Democrats will be held responsible for their socialist agenda and efforts to increase the government’s involvement in every aspect of voters’ lives.”

“To maintain their majority, House Democrats will need to defy history and defend policies toxic to hardworking Americans,” Billings went on.

If Republicans can’t take back the House in 2022, there will be something wrong with the state of the republic indeed.

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