BREAKING: Pelosi Finally Goes Down – It’s About Time

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is finally going down. It is about time — she has ticked nearly everyone off now. She should resign.

“Thank you, George Floyd—for sacrificing your life for justice,” said Pelosi in a speech following the jury’s verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. The backlash was swift.

Conservatives were quick to point out Pelosi’s disgusting statement, which thanked Floyd for “sacrificing” himself. But she even received a wave of criticism from those on the political left.

“I don’t expect anything less of Nancy Pelosi,” said Frederick Joseph, a New York Times bestselling author. “Racism is and has always been a spectrum.”

Another individual, who goes by the Twitter handle of Dr. CBS, said that Pelosi’s statement “is literally a celebration of Black death in the service of liberal fantasy.”

Hey, Pelosi, Floyd didn’t consciously choose to die or sacrifice himself in any way — he wasn’t part of your pet political cause. She should resign immediately for this statement. We need a new Speaker.

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29 Responses

  1. Americans need to remove this Administration by force ! They committed Treason !!! Our voice has been stolen !!! Our Country is compromised !!! “We the people stand for The Constitution!!

    1. Shelly I wish it were not so, but it is. I fear our Nation is in real peril under this administration. The problem I see is our elected officials in DC do not have the guts or fortitude to stand up to the radical left…

    It is our Constitution , our beliefs. WE THE PEOPLE WANT JUSTICE FOR OUR COUNTRY !!

  3. Come on people let’s get real here, we all know that ugly old walking cadaver wicked witch / bi*ch Pathetic Pelosi and Mad Cow Maxine Waters can do or say anything they want, whenever they want, knowing that not a dam thing will ever happen to them or any other of the sewer dwelling Dumbocrats !!!

    1. You’re exactly right because we’ve got feckless cowards in the GOP that won’t stand up we elected these people I don’t know who elected those criminals but it’s time to make January 6 look like it was a garden party!

  4. The main problem is the one major donor, that has been buying off our political people that we have sent to D.C to do our wishes.

  5. Nothing will be done about any of this because they haven’t done anything in the past… republicans caused this because they have no backbone and went with the Democrates to blame Trump… now they pretend they care… where were they when the could have done something… licking Waters, Shumers and Pelosis boots… welcome to the Unites States of Communist America

  6. Should Nancy Pelosi be Impeached???
    After all she stated that Maxine Waters didn’t do anything wrong When she was enticing violent and riots
    Sending everybody a message that it’s OK to be violent this is what we don’t need in our government and if you really think about it Nancy Pelosi has become no better than any Taliban terrorist holding every American citizen hostage over the aid needed Until she gets what she wants
    Isn’t that exactly what Terrorist do????

    1. You’re exactly right because we’ve got feckless cowards in the GOP that won’t stand up we elected these people I don’t know who elected those criminals but it’s time to make January 6 look like it was a garden party!

    2. Pelosi is guilty of sedition true TREASON by going to the joint Chiefs of staff behind Trump’s back trying to undermine him and supposedly there was an investigation I don’t know where the hell that is gone?! And Maxine Waters was inciting not just violence which is known as sedition but actively fanning the flames of civil disobedience -also jury tampering in Minnesota

  7. Sadly we ALL KNOW CLUELESS BIDEN & wicked Pelosi share the same mentality!!! PRAYING FOR OUR COUNTRY EVERYDAY ! It’s all about power & control could care less about we the ppl or our country 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  8. She is a racist demorat old woman who should be gone. No one really listens to her or de.ented biden. They are both pathetic.

  9. I believe that a vast majority of Americans (Democrats & Republicans) realize Pelosi and Waters have lost their minds . . they are too old to be part of our government. Members of the Democratic Party are intimidated by her- for campaign money ?? It is time that she steps down – she is too old and has lost her sight on our counter.

  10. I could not be published because my mom always said do unto others as you would have done to you. THE GOLDEN RULE

  11. Nancy: Just go home and close the door; have an Irish Coffee at Ben–vista and call it a day. Ah, but don’t come back!

  12. George Floyd was NOT a hero! If he is…then we are on the wrong planet…(look at his history) – heck, Pelosi has been out there in the stratosphere for a long time. So, what should we expect?? The Bizarro World!!!

  13. That batsh&$!t crazy Pelosi makes me physically sick to my stomach. She makes me feel like we’re in the middle of Hunger Games; she’s crazy Effie Trinket and we’re the poor folks required to draw lots to take the Covid – eh hem, “shots” (cause they’re not vaccines). Dammed if you take the shot, dammed if you don’t.
    End times? Probably…
    But nothing will change unless people rise up or the Right grows some kahunas!

  14. Pelosi lost it long ago – the comment about Floyd only enhances the statement that she has lost it !!! She should have been removed long ago – money has kept her in power – not real Americans !!!

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