BREAKING: Pelosi Finally Goes Down – Dems Shocked

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) told Fox Business Host Larry Kudlow that there are two spending proposals in the Senate and denied that the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill is “tethered” to another $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

“Senator, the reason I said tethered, I really was quoting Nancy Pelosi,” Kudlow said. “That is her take. That has been her line-up to now. And some people, some conservatives are saying, the infrastructure bill — as you have just noted, core infrastructure, Senator, is a good thing, core infrastructure, a good thing. But it may be this bill opens the gate to the $5 trillion reconciliation, which is an orgy of taxing and spending and so forth and so on.”

“Yes, that is not correct,” McConnell replied. “What — if this bill never comes together on infrastructure, what they will do is simply take their version of infrastructure, and add it to the reckless taxing and spending spree. So, I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi says. In the Senate, there are two separate proposals.”

Republicans have faced criticism from some in their own party for trying to get a bipartisan infrastructure deal done because they aren’t really benefitting from such a bill, but President Joe Biden will be able to claim that he got Republicans to work with him.

And let’s face it, $5 trillion more in spending is the very last thing this country needs right now in the middle of the worst inflation the country has seen in more than a decade.

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