BREAKING: Pelosi Finally Broke Down… Insane Rant Leaks

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally broke down, and her insane rant was just leaked. It’s time for her to stop embarrassing America.

In a private meeting with fellow Democrats, Pelosi reportedly called into question the ability of Americans to understand how the impeachment process works.

The report says that Pelosi “expressed concerns that the public still doesn’t understand how the process of impeachment would play out.”

She also communicated with voters from her own congressional district in San Francisco, and many of them didn’t even know that impeachment won’t result in “Trump’s immediate ouster from office.”

The fact that this is one of her main reasons why she doesn’t want to hold a vote is telling. To her and the Democrats, Americans aren’t educated voters; they are simply numbers to be exploited.

Pelosi needs to resign as Speaker of the House for her years of dishonesty, ignorance, and elitism. She doesn’t deserve the power she wields.

Read the full story here.

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