BREAKING: Pelosi Conspiracy Exposed – Americans FURIOUS

The $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill passed by the House and rejected by the Senate contained numerous payoffs for the rich and would hurt the poor, analysis reveals.

By removing a cap in President Donald Trump’s SALT Act and making it retroactive, the average millionaire in coastal states with high income taxes would get $100,000 from the federal government, while those earning $50,000 or less would get next to nothing.

The bill would also stop any prosecution of businesses that employ illegal immigrants, hurting the chances of the more than 36 million Americans finding work again once shutdowns end.

Illegal immigration already transfers more than $500 billion in wealth from the pockets of legal American citizens every year, researchers estimate.

How on Earth can Democrats say they are for the working class when their legislation is exactly the opposite? It’s good that the Republican majority in the Senate have said they won’t pass the bill because more government bailouts for the rich is exactly what we don’t need as part of a coronavirus response.

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