BREAKING: Pelosi Confirms Rumor – Top Democrat Is DONE

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just confirmed the rumor. A top Democrat could be done and it will have a major impact on the November election. This is a stunning development.

Due to Pelosi’s refusal to strike a bipartisan deal for a second coronavirus relief bill, one of her reliable allies, Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small (D-NM), is in a dead heat with her Republican rival, state Rep. Yvette Harrell.

Harrell criticized Pelosi for being someone who “would rather see the demise of our nation than stand with our president” and tied Torres Small to this destructive, self-serving, blatantly political agenda.

She said that Torres Small stands “with Pelosi against all of Trump’s administrative policies, against bills that would help the American people, and we just can’t have that.” Specifically, Pelosi’s inaction on a relief package is hurting Democrats.

Vulnerable ones, such as Torres Small, could end up being casualties of Pelosi’s scorched-earth strategy and place Republicans on the path to retaking the House — and ultimately taking the speaker’s gavel away from Pelosi for good.

Americans are about to shock the DC establishment by re-electing President Donald Trump and defeating Democrats up and down the ballot. It will be the consequence of the left’s anti-Trump hysterics.

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