BREAKING: Pelosi BUSTED – Vote Buying Scheme Exposed

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was just completely busted. Her vote-buying scheme has been exposed to the public — the disturbing details have hit the national airwaves. She can’t hide from this anymore.

Criticizing Pelosi’s plan for a $3 trillion stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Fox Business host Stuart Varney said it is an example of “vote-buying” and offering “a big incentive to stay home.”

Pelosi claims that she is focused on “the opening of our economy safely and soon,” however, her proposal is proof-positive of the opposite. She wants to pour billions of dollars into keeping people at home.

Futhermore, said Varney during the broadcast, her plan allows for “a deduction for state and local taxes again, and that is what Pelosi wants, is direct support for the rich.” The average American is going to get left behind.

Ultimately, the best thing we can do is reopen the economy in a safe, orderly fashion, and allow people to go back to work. Many red states have either started that process or have found a workable balance all along.

States led by Democrat governors, however, are another story. They want to remain closed and therefore are pining away for a bailout from the federal government with our money — something else Pelosi’s plan provides.

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