BREAKING: Pelosi BEGS The Senate – She’s Humiliated

House speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing a humiliating situation. She has beg the Senate to accept her rules for impeachment. If she doesn’t do that she might save herself but impeachment will die.

House Democrats have no leverage in the Senate as the Republicans have a firm majority. Republicans have already made up their mind on impeachment and are firmly opposed to it.

Pelosi has decided to hold the articles of impeachment in a bid to force Republicans to accept her rules. But as New York Times columnist David Brooks pointed out, “I think the rules favor the Republicans in this circumstance. The majority sort of rules this thing. And they [Democrats] have very little leverage.”

Democrats should have known this would happen without a bulletproof case against the President.

Now Pelosi is leading a party that has shot itself in the foot. With 2020 coming up fast Democrats are not in good standing with an angry voter base.

Pelosi’s caving to the radicals in her party may have doomed them in 2020. Americans are not happy and they will vote accordingly.

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