BREAKING: Pelosi Admits She Is Done – White House Shocked

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) admitted that she has not talked to President Trump in over a year.

During an interview with MSNBC host Nicole Wallace Pelosi said, “Without the two of us speaking person-to-person, but, either through the airwaves or through the President’s intermediaries, we were able, in that period of time, to pass a huge omnibus bill to keep government open, working with Secretary Mnuchin then.”

Despite the lack of communication Pelosi insists that there is no problem and that legislation has made its way through Congress without issue.

That isn’t exactly accurate as negotiations for legislation to provide economic relief for Americans remains at an impasse between Pelosi and the White House.

Democrats who control the House have actually spent more time engaged in political ventures than passing legislation.

The relationship between Pelosi and Trump has been awful and that is no surprise as Pelosi led the effort to impeach President Trump. One thing is for sure; until Republicans retake the House there will be little legislative progress for Americans.

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