BREAKING: Omar Marriage Rumors CONFIRMED – She’s Humiliated

Freshman Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has had a crazy time in congress. Now the story is getting even worse for her as more rumors about her marriage were confirmed.

Omar’s ex-husband, Ahmed Hirsi, said he discovered the affair when he walked in on the two in a clearly compromising situation in their shared apartment in Washington D.C.

Since the discovery and the divorce, Omar has paid nearly $250,000 to Hirsi in return for his silence on the matter.

Omar has also been facing a ton of criticism for her time in Washington D.C. and her political views. Now she may be facing a long road to reelection.

Reportedly the Somali majority in her district has soured on her since the news of her affair. The heavily religious Somali community did not take the news well.

Omar may very well be voted out after all she has done. She likely won’t be missed by the Democrat party either.

Read the full story here.

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